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Perlan Oskuhlid


Military portrait command boards


Command Boards

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  • 366px-U_S__Army_Europe_Logo
  • 2 CR LOGO
  • WE Crest
  • 2nd SQ
  • 3rd SQ
  • Medallion-Sabers
  • Medallion-Muleskinner
  • Medallion-RES
  • 20190611-C-trp 2019-final2
  • B-trp 2019final
  • 20190624-2CR Regiment 2018-final
  • 20150328-Troop Command
  • 20161115-Dakota 2016
  • 20170608-2nd Squadron 2017g
  • 20190520-2CR Regiment 2019 final
  • 20190712-3rd Squadron-2019 final3
  • 20171115-AP2017
  • 20160725-HHB Composite2016-2-2
  • 20200619-HHT-RES 2019final
  • 20150825-Dakota-Composite 2015-2
  • 20170729-1-66AR 2017 comp
  • 20190421-A troop 4th Infantry2019
  • 20191128-1st Squadron 2019final
  • 20200527-Commanche troop 2018final1
  • 20170224-2CR infintry Sq 2016-2017
  • 20190125-PaleHorse 4_2-2018
  • 20190211-A-trp 2019
  • 20151015-Apache troop composite2015
  • 20200514-RSS Squadron 2020final
  • 20190507-HHT-RES 2018
  • 20200521-RES Squadron 2020final
  • 20170426-FST-FA Composite
  • 20161011-Cobra Composite2016-2
  • 20160523-ARCHER Composite2016-2
  • 20170113-Military portrait add2-Recovered
  • 20170222-Apache 2016 Composite-2
  • 20170119-2CR infintry Sq 2016
  • 20170213-FOX 2016-2017 Composite
  • 20200805-Echo Trp RES 2020final
  • 20160419-2CR Field Artillery Sq 2016
  • 20151015-Apache troop composite2015
  • 20160419-2CR Field Artillery Sq 2016
  • 20150203-Bulls 2015 Collage
  • 20160725-HHB Composite2016-2-2
  • number plates
  • Germany Helo
  • Apache Hel
  • plaq
  • Germany out line
  • Vilseck High School
  • AnsbachMHS_Mascot_6_722171
  • AvianoMHS_Mascot_16_722171
  • NetzabergMS_mascot_3_722171
  • Rota Middle-High
  • SmithES_Mascot_3_722171
  • Vicenza High School
  • LivornoLogo_NEW_500x500_722171
  • RamsteinMS_Mascot_2_722171
  • Vilseck Elementary School
  • sigonellaES_mascot_3_722171
  • RotaES_Mascot_3_722171
  • AvianoES_Mascot_2_722171
  • SigonellaMHS_Mascot_6_722171
  • Vilseck Elementary School
  • Vicenza Middle School
  • GrafenwoehrES_Mascot_722171
  • NaplesES_Mascot_722171
  • NetzabergMS_mascot_3_722171
  • AnsbachES_Mascot_4_722171
  • RobinsonBarracksES_Mascot_722171
  • NaplesMHS_Mascot_2_722171
  • BaumholderMHS_mascot_722171
  • PatchES_mascot_5_722171
  • StuttgartHS_Mascot_2_722171
  • NetzabergES_mascot_722171
  • WiesbadenMS_Mascot_722171
  • spangdahlemMS_mascot_3_722171
  • KaiserslauternMS_Mascot_3_722171
  • Patch MS Logo
  • LandstuhlEMS_mascot_2_722171
  • KaiserslauternHS_Mascot_2_722171
  • Kaiserslautern Elementary School

Photography Vacations

Spain (40 of 63)





To book your next session follow the link.




See your image and background together before you order. InFocus has over 40 backgrounds to choose from.

With InFocus you not only get multiple backgrounds you also get multiple photos of your child to choose from.


With InFocus you can choose multiple delivery options.

State side shipping for family and friends. We ship to APO and also offer a Free to School option.

For Digital Orders we send you a Download link within 24 hours or next business day.

Mix & Match

InFocus gives you more options. We offer multiple packages, from single image packages to mix and match where you can choose any image pose or background for each print in the package.

Print Options

With InFocus you can order as little as one single print or any of our discount packages.

Gift Items

InFocus offers many photo gift items. You can order stand alone gift items without having to order a print package. For more information visit link below.


Order information

When InFocus comes to your School or Unit. We bring all the order information and gallery passwords for each person the same day. No need to wait days or weeks to start ordering.


We accept all Major Credit Cards on our secure site. No need to deal with Checks, Money orders or 3rd party payment systems.


All our photos are stored online with individual galleries for each person with their unique access code.


From yearbook software to yearbook printing.





No setup fee or printers cost for our schools and units.

Making it easy to order smaller quantities.

No need to tie up funds by ordering large stock to get good prices. As we can print on demand. Order as many as you need to meet your needs.

Call or Email to save on your spirit wear.

If your raising money with spirit wear why not make the most of it.

Join INFOCUS today and save.

Infocus provides a unique photography service covering a large area across Europe.

We specialize in School photography and Military Photos, Travel Photography, Sport Events and Banquets.

Over the last few years we have been doing photography workshops In Scotland, Germany and Iceland.

Please enjoy looking through our website and if you are interested in our services contact us to discuss your requirements.